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Welcome to VIOSAL Ltd.





Salad Bar...

Mix it with Tradition!


At VIOSAL, we choose only premium vegetables using the strictest of freshness and quality criteria and then we literally toss them to make our salads using truly traditional recipes taking into account the consumer needs for products of top quality and high nutritional value


VIOSAL began its activity in the processed salad sector in 1985, and since then has been a staple of the consumer table. With tradition as its guiding principle, the company continues with the same attention and care for its products, as it did when it first started production as a family-run business.


Today, in its 2,500 m² modern production facility which employs a specialised work force and strictly maintains the high quality standards for the Management and Safety of Food Products (ISO 22000 Certification), the company produces a wide range of products which are then distributed through a network of privately-owned vehicles as well as through representatives, to points of sale both in Greece and abroad.


VIOSAL continues to excel with its vision and philosophy of “Total Customer Satisfaction”: from its top quality products and its competitive prices to its exceptional customer service and sensitivity to the nutritional needs of today’s consumer.

And the advantages don’t stop!


VIOSAL chooses premium vegetables and tosses them together in a traditional way, offering gastronomical experiences and unique taste delights!


You can make the right move! Order now the necessary quantities of VIOSAL products and enjoy a multitude of advantages and the authentic taste of success.